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One of the most distinguished Non Resident Indian; Mr.Khalil is very well known in the professional, social and business circles of Dubai. Hailing from Bhatkal and a Charted Accountant by profession, he is the former Chief Advisor to the Chairman of Galadari Brothers and presently the Group Executive Director for I.M.Galadari Bros. Dubai.During his two terms as the President of Karnataka Sangha he inspired the mega cultural and social events and strengthened the relationship between the Sangha and the Govt of Karnataka. He molded it as a bridge between the People and the Government.The most significant program organized under his stewardship was the Govt of Karnataka sponsored Seminar on the “Industrial Development & Investment opportunities at Karnataka” which was held at the Inter Continental Hotel Dubai in April 1995.

This event attracted many Local and Foreign investments and was addressed by then the Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka J.H. Patil (Ex Chief Minister) and Mr. Deshpande (Minister for Heavy Industries), Mr. B.S.Patil (Chief Secretary of Karnataka). Sangha’s reputation as the premier socio-cultural Forum was enhanced very much after this memorable milestone in the history of the Kannada activities in the Emirates.Shrewd and Versatile Mr.Syed Khalil adorned many honorable positions both professionally and socially and below is the list which gives a virtual glimpse about his personality.»» FormerlyThis event attracted many Local and Foreign investments and was addressed by then the Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka J.H. Patil (Ex Chief Minister) and Mr. Deshpande (Minister for Heavy Industries), Mr. B.S.Patil (Chief Secretary of Karnataka). Sangha’s reputation as the premier socio-cultural Forum was enhanced very much after this memorable milestone in the history of the Kannada activities in the Emirates.Shrewd and Versatile Mr.Syed Khalil adorned many honorable positions both professionally and socially and below is the list which gives a virtual glimpse about his personality.

»» Formerly
1. A.F. Ferguson & Company
 After qualifications joined in 1965 a leading firm of Chartered Accountants and worked for 21/2 years.
2. Finance Manager – Mahindra Ugine Steel Company

A part of the Mahindra & Mahindra group for 10 years. Responsible for establishing the company from inception and carried out merger of the company with Union Bank Ltd.

3. Galadari Brothers – Dubai

A leading conglomerate in the UAE having businesses in hotels, banking, Automobile, Ice cream manufacturing and distribution, Real Estate development, Heavy equipment, Engineering etc. The group has investments in UAE, USA, UK, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. During his tenure spread over 25 years with the Galadari Brothers, he held the following positions:

a. General Manager – Galadari Printing & Publications Ltd.
The company owns “Khaleej Times the largest circulating English daily in the Gulf. Responsible for startup of the operations and managing the company to make the newspaper a Number One daily in the Gulf and developed many other publications.

b. Group General Manager – System and Audit
Reorganization of the entire group consisting of over 50 operating companies. Restructured the group and introduced the latest management system including MIS and IT.

c. Executive Director WISMA and FORUM Singapore
Deputed to Singapore to develop a US$ 500 million real estate project. Responsible for managing and streamlining the project leading to a substantial saving in the project cost.

d. Group Finance Director – Galadari Group
Took up the position of Group Finance Director. The group went through a serious financial crisis. Responsible for restructuring and saving the group from a state of insolvency to a financially strong group.

e. Group Executive Director – Galadari Group
Promoted to the position of Group Executive Director and during this period the groups standing further improved and became one of the fastest growing groups in the UAE. On death of both the partners and disputes arising in the group among family members, left the group end of December 2002.

»» Presently
4. Group Executive Director – I&M Galadari Group

Presently heading I&M Galadari Group belonging to the Galadari family having taxi services, repair workshop, hotel and chain of restaurants, cold storage, driving institute, real estate development etc. The group has taken up development of a major real estate project in Dubai, estimated to cost over seven billion US dollars and the largest private sector project in the Middle East and totally in-charge of execution of the entire project.

5. Deputy Chairman Jashanmal National Company

Director and Deputy Chairman of the above company for over 20 years a leading group in the gulf having business in UAE, Kuwait and Bahrain in up market fashion products including perfumery, cosmetics, fashion accessories, Electronic, Home Appliances and having numerous departmental store and boutiques in the gulf. Helped in the expansion and diversification of the Group.

6. Syed Khalil Chartered Accountants

Managing partner of Syed Khalil Chartered Accountants.

7. Chairman Maadhyama Communications Ltd., India

This Mangalore based company owns a well equipped web – offset printing press and is engaged in printing and publishing activities. It daily newspaper “Varta Bharati” a Kannada daily expected to be launched by 1st week September 2003.


Madhyamam Media Communications for creating media awareness and training journalist and conducting camps to encourage communal harmony.

9. Al Banna Trust

Chairman trustee of Al Banna Trust which is building a major academy and library for adult education.

10. Malabar Institute of Medical Science

Director and Promoter of a five star hospital with over 350 beds costing 70 crores in Calicut. This is a show piece investment from NRI’s for Kerala. The hospital and Research Centre is being expanded to 500 bed hospital.

11. Malabar Institute of Medical Science Charitable Trust

Trustee of the Trust which carries out medical help for treatment of poor and needy. Recently rendered help for heart bypass and other major operations by providing full financial help.

12. Director India Publication
The publisher of weekly “Nation and the World”.

13. Director Falak TV

Established to start a new Current Affairs and News Channel in Urdu.

»» Social
1. President – Institute of Chartered Accountants, Dubai Chapter.
Served as President of Institute of Chartered Accountants for 2 terms of 2 years each. During this time brought leading Accounting, Tax and Management experts and leading business tycoons including late Mr. N.A. Palkiwala, Mr. Kamalnath etc. to Dubai.

2. President of Dubai Karnataka Sanga – Dubai

Held this position for 2 terms of 2 years each. During this period a Karnataka Industrial Development seminar was held which was attended by the late J.H. Patil (ex Chief Minister) and Mr. Deshpande (Minister for Heavy Industries), Mr. B.S. Patil (Chief Secretary of Karnataka). This seminar was first of its kind held outside Karnataka. The seminar was successful and top business people and industrialists participated and it acted as an exposure of Karnataka as an investment hub for the foreigners and NRI’s.Many Kannadigas in the field of culture, literature & politics were invited during this period including Mr. Jafar Sharif, C.M. Ibrahim, Mr. Nanaiya, Mr. Hegde, Mr Rajkumar etc.

3. Anjuman Education Society – Bhatkal

Associated with the institution for the last 30 years and presently the Honorary Patron. Served as the President for 8 years from 1995 to July 2003. The society has the following institutions under its wings. 5 primary schools, 4 high schools, PUC college for boys and girls separately, girls college, institute of management & engineering college. It is the oldest and leading education institution in Karnataka. Recently Anjuman celebrated its 80th year which was attended by Ministers from Karnataka, leading intellectuals, academations and religious scholars from all over India.During the term as President the institution under went major changes including addition of new schools, Institute of Management, new faculties in the college and improved the academic standard and the achieved excellent result in public examinations.

4. Founder – Bhatkal Gulf Council

Founded the Bhatkal Gulf Council in 1991 which is an umbrella organization of all the associations of Bhatkalis in the gulf. Held the position of secretary general for the first 4 years and President for the last 4 years. This body has helped improve the well being of NRI’s including identifying job opportunities, education opportunities, financial assistance and encouraging habit of saving among members and render services for the general welfare of the community and other Indians in the state.

5. Founder – Rabita Society, Bhatkal

Founded Rabita Society in 1991 this is the arm of the gulf council which carries out social activities in Bhatkal and Held the position of General Secretary for 4 years and the President for last 4 years. This body encourages advancement of education by giving scholarship, conducting refresher courses for weaker students, carrier guidance, giving books / uniforms and financial help for poor and deserving students.Conducted major relief work during riots and gave substantial financial aid. Supplies drinking water during drought and conducted medical / circumcision / eye camps every year and spent substantial sums in giving medical aid to poor. Instituted educational awards for meritorious students who achieve excellent results in the public examination from the district and encouraged students to perform better. Many prominent personalities from all over India and ministers from the government of Karnataka have addressed the award ceremonies in the past.

6. President – Bhatkal Association Dubai

Past & current President and past Secretary of the Dubai Bhatkal association for a number of years. It is one of the most active associations in the gulf. Most recently the guest of honor was Ms. Margaret Alva – Member of Parliament who attended one of our function.

7. Bhatkal Association – Mumbai

Was the General Secretary and President for many years.

»» Others
1. Awarded the prestigious Rajotsav Prashisti Award in 2003 by government of Karnataka.

2. Indus International Federation, New Delhi – Associate member.

3. Baith Al Nasar Society, Mumbai – Founder Director. An interest free cooperative bank.

4. University of Science Technology and Management, Kumta – India Trustee.

5. Khwaja Khuthubuddin Bakthiar Kaki Engineering College, Bangalore – Trustee of the Governing Council.

6. Indian Overseas Economic Forum, Dubai – Past Executive Member.

7. Indian Business Professional Council, Dubai – Member

8. Jamiea Islamia, Bhatkal – Member of the Governing Council of a center for Islamic learning. This is a center for higher religious learning and I’m also a member of the Executive Council.

9. Majlis Islaho Tanzeen, Bhatkal – Executive Committee Member. This is an organization for social, cultural development and helps by arranging medical and marriage expenses distribution of water during drought.

10. Trust For Promotion Of Higher Education, New Delhi – Trustee.
Established to setup a University of Science and Technology in Noida. Already a beginning has been made by establishing Sir Syed institute of Information and Management Technology which runs a computer institute in Delhi

11. Iqra Education Foundation – Mumbai – Trustee. Publishes specialized religious books for teaching, based on a programme developed by the Iqra Foundation USA.

12. Cresent School, Madikeri (Karnataka) – Chief Patron
Which runs a high school and have acquired land for starting an International Public Boarding School.

13. Jamia at Kaloor – Trustee
Running a school and vocational training center for ladies.

14. Idare Tarbiete Ikwan, Bhatkal – Founder and Chief Patron.
Running a nursery and high school and recently laid the foundation for a new building for a high school in Bhatkal.

15. Chairman – Sahil On Line: A web based news channel in urdu.

16. Connected with various social, cultural and educational organizations in India and abroad.

»» Miscellaneous
1. Involved in collection of aid for the poor during Riots, Earthquakes, Floods, Amnesty in Dubai etc.

2. Conducted many seminars about Indian in Dubai.

3. Member of all the leading organizations in UAE and Dubai.

»» Charitable Projects
1. Established numerous charitable programs from own resources in India for promoting of education and poverty elevation including established old age pension for numerous families in Bhatkal. The pension benefits over 200 families.

2. Propose to start an international public school in Bhatkal. The profits of this project to be used for giving scholarships for students from poor deserving families.

»» Education Profile
1. Matriculate with distinction from Madras Christian College High School, Chennai.
2. Graduated in B.Com. with first class from Loyola College – Chennai a well known institution.

3. Qualified in 1965 as Chartered Accountant. One of the two students who completed the course in 3 years for the first time in India with high marks. Presently a Fellow Member of the institute of Chartered Accountants of India.
4. Attended various seminars and presented papers both in India and abroad on Financial, Economic and Social topics.  Source:http://www.gulfvarthe.com/articles/main/khalil/khalil.htm 


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